He is a highly professional and well-experienced administrator in the field of Catering and Hospitality Service. With a profound experience of 40 years in this field, he acquired an exquisite administrative skills and well-rounded knowledge of management strategies. He has good problem-solving skills which resulted in smooth functioning of administration and assured the clientele satisfaction in all aspects. He successfully conducted the events and managed the facilities by foreseeing the requirements appropriately.


  • He has provided his services to all top companies and shipping firm (onshore and offshore). He worked in different positions like General Manager through which he acquired incredible experience in all departments.
  • 10 Years as Catering Manager with RKHS now which acquired by SODEXO INDIA.
  • Skilled in Production, Office administration, Logistic and Back Office process handling.
  • Maintained professional manner in ensuring quick and quality services to the clients in all aspects of hospitality services.
  • Proficient knowledge on food, food hygiene (including hazard analysis and critical control points) and food preparation.


  • Aramco
  • Adnoc
  • OGDC
  • QGPC
  • DPC
  • Sumit Tank
  • Niko
  • Oceanering
  • Hymar
  • Diving Co.,
  • Wartten Willems in India
  • Cairn Energy ONGC
  • RELIANCE both onshore and offshore
  • Essar
  • Aban Drilling Company
  • Sedco


She is a dedicated business developer and an expert in culinary arts in the food industry with more than two decades of experience. She leads team of chefs, catering assistants and also trained thousands of trainees from hospitality industries. She monitored day-to-day catering operations and services. She experts in upholding quality of the food and service and for making sure that their outlets perform well. The most important part is achieving good quality and maintaining high standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction.


  • With an extensive knowledge of 23 years in Food Industries and Business Development, she provided her services in top Food industries.
  • Expertise in designing food menu in association with the Chief Chef and getting the other staff trained.
  • Specialized in training for the whole team of trainees in the hospitality industries and manages all.
  • Proficient knowledge on culinary arts, food preparation, food research and development.
  • Skilled in handling all the operation management and process improvements.


He has a long tenure in providing house-keeping services to top premises. He is expertised in the usage of equipment in the facility management. He has been very adaptable and managed to work under pressure. He constantly worked to bring in idealistic administration procedures to meet the requirements of clients. His primary focus on cleanliness, hygiene and sanitization exhibits the dedication towards house-keeping services. He is highly-reliable and well-organized with the tasks allotted to him. He possesses good leadership qualities with integrity and honesty.